No. 152. Crevoprene

High build neoprene coatings have been a staple in the offshore industry for years – usually as a splash zone coating.  There have been reports of lack of adhesion at the ends of the joints (see top plate).  This can be particularly problematic if said end is in the splash zone – here I was fortunate enough to witness a riser failure in real time (it’s what we offshore corrosioneers live for).  I trust that the manufacturers have since solved this nagging design flaw.


No. 195. Non-Stick Primer

While I’m having a go at the barrier coating wallers … take a gander at this little beauty discovered on a brand new offshore floating production system.  Remember it only does what it says...


No. 171. Ca$h Zone Coatings

There seems to be a small group of practitioners in our trade who should be doing something else.  This bozo was obviously one of them.  While I am a huge fan of FBE coatings, I’m sure our mates...


No. 149. Tank Painting Sucks!

Well, let’s look on the bright side … this tank has had its last paint job.  Remember to un-stop all the vent holes when the paint job is finished – BEFORE operating the system.


No. 101. sTAGgering

(See also No. 82 – “We’ve got you tagged”) I’ve got it!  This is a deliberate ploy to sell more equipment.  Amazing how some manufacturers manage to get it right, and others just...


No. 57. Pass the Inspection Mirror

I think there’s a rule somewhere in the bilges of the API or ASME playbook that says you should be able to read these high-pressure vessel ID tags!  What I didn’t see was the bit about...


No. 20. Insulting Flange Joints!

This is a cracker, as you can see we have a copper nickel flange connected to a stainless steel flange using copper nickel fasteners with CARBON steel washers under the nuts. So of course the carbon...


No. 206. Flange Protector?

This one keeps on rearing its head. The idea is to put a band around the flange gap and squirt a corrosion inhibiting grease through grease nipples (Zerk’s in USA). The original intent of...


No. 173. Uncivil Engineering

This one is a classic that was discovered on a major TLP topsides in the Gulf of Mexico. It didn’t take long to discover that this was a problem. The attempt to fix the problem with weep holes...


No. 167. Job Security!

Oh, one of my favorite subjects, pipe support corrosion.  It is fair to say that this is the most often repeated mistake in the offshore industry and the one that really got this whole bloopers...