Corrosion Bloopers all got started back on the late 1990’s when I was doing a lot of offshore inspection. Mr. Bill Grimes who was working for Shell Offshore in New Orleans suggested that we present some of the repeating corrosion issues that we were finding offshore in a light hearted way in an attempt to raise corrosion awareness among non-corrosion types.

With an “Essex Boy” sense of humor I jumped at the chance and produced the first series in 1997. Since then we have continued the theme and I have presented Bloopers at corrosion seminars all over the world. Usually they are appreciated by the audiences.

Life’s too short .. have a laugh and learn at the same time! I have included five of the first series so you can get a feel for it Watch this space for more to follow.

Hope you enjoy revisiting some of these classic cock ups!

Jim Britton